Messages to Food Businesses

Permits & Licensing

Annual Invoicing Has Been Deferred Until September 30, 2021

Invoices for FY21-22 health permit/license will be mailed with an invoice due date of September 30, 2021.

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Environmental Health

Smoke Free Outdoor Dining

Environmental Health

Smoke Free Outdoor Dining

County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors passed amendments to strengthen smoke-free environments.

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District Surveillance & Enforcement

Beware: Health Inspector Imposters

Scam artists posing as health inspectors are targeting restaurants across Los Angeles County trying to gain financial advantage by manipulating food facility owners.

Updated: 2018-09-01 Full Announcement >>

About Food Businesses

As found in California Retail Food Code excerpt from the California Health and Safety Code, Article 2, Section 113789:

"Food facility" means an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food for human consumption at the retail level, including, but not limited to, the following:

Types of Food Businesses

"Food facility" includes permanent and nonpermanent food facilities, including, but not limited to, the following:

Food Industry Support

Environmental Health offers a wide range of food industry support. Please contact our Industry Engagement Program at (626) 430-5320 or visit our Industry Engagement Page for more details.

Report Foodborne Illnesses

To report a foodborne illness, please visit the Foodborne Illness Complaint page.

What is not a "Food Facility"?

"Food facility" does not include any of the following:

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