About Certified Farmers' Markets

Los Angeles County Code Title 8, Section 8.04.075 defines a Certified Farmers' Market as follows:

Certified Farmers' Market means a location that is approved by the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner, where agriculture products are sold by producers or certified producers directly to consumers. A certified farmers' market may be operated by one (1) or more certified producers, by a nonprofit organization or a local government agency.

Certified Farmers' Markets are required to meet Food and Agricultural Code requirements along with requirements outlined in the California Health and Safety Code.

The Certified Farmers' Markets (CFMs) inspection program is responsible for ensuring that food provided at Certified Farmers' Markets is safe, sanitary, and free from imminent health and safety hazards. When health and safety codes are followed it can prevent the spread of food-related illness and helps keep the community and employees healthy and safe. Inspectors in this program act under the authority of Los Angeles County Code Titles 8 and 11, and the California Health and Safety Code. The Specialized Food Services Program manages these inspections and inspections at Community Events associated with the Certified Farmers' Markets. The program is responsible for conducting routine annual inspections and complaint investigations at Certified Farmers' Markets.

All Certified Farmers' Markets within Los Angeles County are required to obtain a Public Health Permit, regardless of locality.

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Complaints regarding Certified Farmers' Markets can be filed by calling the Environmental Health Division at (888) 700-9995 or File a Complaint Online. You will not ask about your immigration status, and you can file complaints anonymously.

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