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Houses for Bats

Are you considering building a bat house?

Bats are a very important part of our local ecosystem. Bat houses can provide protection and habitat for them. However, there are health issues to consider when choosing the location for a bat house.

When wild animals are invited into areas close to your home, there is an increased possibility of a person or pet coming in direct contact with wild animals. Before adding a bat house to your yard or garden, the following should be considered.

1. Is your home “bat proof”? 

Bat houses can provide a nice roosting area for bats, but often attic or rafter space is even more hospitable. Therefore, search your home for any openings ¼ inch by ½ inch or larger (to include electrical and plumping holes) and apply caulking. Ensure all doors to the outside close tightly. Always use window screens, chimney caps and draft-guards beneath attic doors.

Avoid “bat-proofing” your home from May through August when young bats can get trapped and die. During fall and winter when bats hibernate is the best time to “bat-proof”.

Additionally, bat houses shouldn’t be mounted directly on homes as it can increase the chance that a bat may fly into the home through an open window or door.

2. How close are your neighbors? 

Even if you “bat-proof” your home, your neighbors may not and your bat house could increase your neighbor’s chance of encountering an unwanted bat.
Are children or pets nearby?

Children and pets are curious by nature and may attempt to handle a bat on the ground. Therefore, bat houses should not be installed in areas easily accessible to children and pets.

3. Have you read all about bats and rabies in LA County?

It is vital to educate yourself and your family about bats and rabies in our county before building a bat house. Learn about rabies in LA County, including the latest rabid bat statistics.

Have an encounter with a bat in LA County?
Call Veterinary Public Health for a rabies exposure consultation - 213-288-7060
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

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