LA HOPE - Families

Contact Information
For more information about the project, please feel free to contact us:

Telephone number: 213-639-6457

Angel Hopson, RN, MSN, MPH at ahopson@ph.lacounty.gov

Dr. Shin Margaret Chao at schao@ph.lacounty.gov


The purpose of the L. A. HOPE project is to study why some babies are healthier than others. We are not trying to look for someone to blame for deaths. Instead, we want to learn how to prevent more deaths in the future.

When we receive surveys, we remove any information that can identify mothers. We then give the results to a Technical Review Panel. They talk about how fetal and infant deaths can be prevented. Their recommendations go to a Community Action Team that decides what to do to prevent fetal and infant deaths. They make sure that changes are made so that more babies are healthy.