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Public Health Laboratory - How to Send Samples


To arrange specimen transport, please call (562) 658-1460.


Routine supplies needed to submit specimens to the PH Laboratory can be obtained by submitting a supply requisition (Form # H-2951) to the laboratory's Container Section. Supplies include laboratory request forms, specimen tubes and caps, specimen transport tote bags, mailing containers and transport media. Culture for Identification mailing containers will be available to private submitters by mail or phone request.


A laboratory request form (Form # H-3021) is the authorization that enables the laboratory to do specified procedures. It must accompany each specimen. The following information must be provided:

  • Patient name or other unique identifier
  • Date of specimen collection
  • Type and/or source of specimen
  • Name and location of submitter
  • Examination requested

Additionally, age and sex of patient, disease suspected, symptoms, patient address, etc., may be required for some specified tests.


  • Specimen containers must be labeled with the patient name and/or other unique identifier and the date the specimen was collected.


Specimens may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • There is a patient name or file number discrepancy between specimen label and request form
  • There is no patient name or other unique identifier on specimen
  • Specimen is too old when received
  • There is apparently no specimen in container
  • The expiration date of the transport medium has been exceeded
  • Other test specific reasons for rejection may be listed in the test catalog

If there is missing patient information that does not compromise the integrity of the specimen, every effort will be made to obtain information from the submitter. The specimens will be processed and results held until information needed is acquired.

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