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Contact Information

Office of the Institutional Review Board
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012
phone: (213) 288-8675

Olga Coronado
IRB Administrative Deputy
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Alysia Kwon, ScM
Director and IRB Vice Chair
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Will Nicholas, PhD, MPH
IRB Chair
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 608
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Paul Camarena, MPH
IRB Analyst
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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IRB Application Forms and Information

Forms and guidance:

Survey Policy:

Per DPH Policy 117, all surveys must be reviewed by the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology (OHAE)

  • Please submit all application materials to and the IRB office will forward it to Dr. Lisa Smith of the OHAE Rapid Assessment, Training and Evaluation (RATE) team for review. 

  • Once the review is complete, RATE will send the comments and edits to the PI/Project Lead and the PI/Project Lead will send their response in tracked changes and clean copies of the revised documents to the IRB for final review.

Exempt Review - new applications:

Expedited or Full Board Review - new applications:

Amendments - modifications to the protocol, data collection instruments, PI or personnel change or any other new activity:

  • Please submit a memo signed by the original PI/Project Lead stating the requested changes in detail along with tracked changes and clean copies of amended protocol and associated documents, including data collection instruments.
  • Note: amendments may not be submitted with annual continuing review requests.


Consent and Waiver Request:

HIPAA Authorization and Waiver Request:

 Laboratory Utilization and Not Human Subjects:

Who does the IRB serve?
The Institutional Review Board serves all LA County Department of Public Health (DPH) facilities, staff, patients, clients, and databases, even if other agencies or individuals have primary responsibility.

The IRB also serves projects from the headquarters units and the Ambulatory Care Network of the LA County Department of Health Services. Some DHS-related projects must be reviewed by IRBs at the various County medical centers. Finally, the IRB serves several community partner organizations via memoranda of agreement.

Check with the IRB about coverage for a particular proposed project if you are in doubt.
What projects does the IRB review?
The IRB reviews any DPH-related research project that involves the collection or analysis of data from or about human subjects.

Research projects may include…

  • Clinical trials

  • Focus groups

  • Data abstraction from
         medical records
  • Surveys

    • Though IRB procedures allow exemption for some data collection projects that are classified as program evaluation routine public health activity rather than research, the IRB must make the determination that a project is exempt. An abbreviated application for exemption is necessary, as explained in the forms located elsewhere on this web page.
      How to get help
      We encourage you to attend our training workshops on submitting an application to the Institutional Review Board. Contact our office for a list of upcoming training dates.
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