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Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology
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Health Assessment
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Office of Health Assessment & Epidemiology
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Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health
Health Assessment Unit
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Driving Directions
Phone:(213) 240-7785
Fax:(213) 250-2594

Health Assessment Press Releases

Date of Release Title
02/10/2015 Housing Problems in Los Angeles County Impact the Health of Residents
08/26/2013 LA County Children Begin Losing their Sweet Tooth
08/26/2013 Los Niños del Condado de Los Ángeles Comienzan A Perder el Gusto Por lo Dulce
11/14/2012 LA County Smokers Fall Below One Million for the First Time
11/13/2012 Diabetes on the Rise as LA County Obesity Rates Grow
11/13/2012 El Aumento en la Diabetes Coincide Con el Ascenso de la Obesidad en el Condado de Los Ángeles
01/25/2011 Reports of Depression Jump Nearly 50 Percent in L.A. County 
01/25/2011 Se Reporta un Aumento de Casi 50 Por Ciento en Casos de la Depresión en el Condado de Los Ángeles
11/04/2010 Type 2 Diabetes Number Highest Ever in LA County: Increasing rate coincides with alarming upswing of obesity
11/04/2010 El Más Alto Nivel de Diabetes Tipo 2 en el Condado de Los Ángeles: El Aumento Coincide Con el Ascenso Alarmante de la Obesidad
10/05/2010 Public Health Hosts Dialogues Focusing on Issues Facing Women
06/22/2010 First Ever Report Shows Smoking Rates by Local Community 
03/31/2010 Ready to Have a Baby? Boost Your Health First.
03/31/2010 ¿Lista para tener un bebé? Optimice su salud primero.
03/03/2010 Ethnicity, economy and environment play strong roles in health inequities among women in LA County
02/25/2010 Baby Boomers Already Placing strain on Caregiver Resources
02/25/2010 La Generación "Baby Boomers" Ya Ocasionan Presión Sobre los Recursos de Proveedores de Cuidado
02/24/2010 Get Active, Get Healthy LA!
06/16/2009 Economy and Environment Linked to Poor Health Trends in Los Angeles County 
10/01/2008 New Data Show Alzheimer's Disease is an Emerging Health Threat Among LA County Older Adults  
08/06/2007 Diabetes Epidemic Continues To Grow in Los Angeles County
05/30/2007 More Than One-Third of Los Angeles County Residents Are Not Prepared For an Emergency: Natural or Man-Made
05/23/2007 Study Reveals Women living in Los Angeles County Experience Health Disparities on a Large Scale
04/04/2007 Health Disparities Loom as LA County Fares Poorly in Health Report Card
12/08/2006 One In Five Adults in Los Angeles County has a significant disability study finds
10/16/2006 Nearly One In Five Adults Report Having a Disability in Los Angeles County
05/18/2006 County Residents Report Higher Rate of Activity Limitation Due to Arthritis Than Seen Nationally
02/08/2006 Los Angeles County Adults Gain 44 Million Pounds! Childhood Overweight Is Also on the Rise
07/28/2005 More Than One in Four Adults in Los Angeles County at Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke: Many Report Difficulty Accessing Needed Services
06/08/2005 Nearly One in Six Children in Los Angeles County has Special Health Care Needs
06/01/2005 Over One-Half of L.A. County's Young Children are not Read to on a Daily Basis
04/05/2005 County Health Department Responds to State’s Report on Cost of Obesity
03/17/2005 County's Obesity Epidemic Threatens the Next Generation
02/08/2005 Health Official Promote Heart Health Month with the Introduction of Prevention Matters! to Encourage Women’s Heart Health
01/13/2005 New Dietary Guidelines Will Guide Angelenos to Make Better Choices to Address the Overweight and Obesity Epidemic in Los Angeles County
05/04/2004 Study Examines Effects of Asthma on Los Angeles County Children - May 4 Marks First Asthma Awareness Day in California
04/01/2004 Health Department Report Finds Underage Drinking Common; Students Stage Effort to Reduce Drinking During Spring Break
03/31/2004 Los Angeles County Health "Report Card" Highlights Major Differences in Residents' Health Status
03/12/2004 Health Department Opens Lactation Room for Employees
03/01/2004 Impressive Gains in Children's Health Insurance Coverage: Many Children Remain Uninsured
11/19/2003 Smoking Rate Drops in Los Angeles County
10/21/2003 Nearly One-Third of County's Older Adults Do Not Get Their Flu Shot
09/25/2003 Antibiotics Misused by Nearly One-Half of Los Angeles County Adults
07/22/2003 Obesity Rates Rise in Los Angeles County
08/26/2002 330,000 Adults May Have Undiagnosed Depression
04/18/2002 Disparities in SIDS in Los Angeles County
03/13/2002 High Quality, Affordable Child Care Sorely Lacking in Los Angeles County
02/12/2002 Nearly Half of County Homes with Children and Guns Store Firearms Unsafely
05/10/2001 Many County Families Lack Enough Food to Meet Basic Needs
05/03/2001 Survey Examines Effects of Asthma on Los Angeles County Children
04/05/2001 Health-Related Quality of Life Lower in L.A. County than Nationally
03/07/2001 Study Examines Breastfeeding Practices in L.A. County
12/19/2000 Alcohol Use and Risky Behaviors High Among County Residents
11/21/2000 County Health Department Study Finds Most Residents Fail to Meet Suggested Physical Activity Guidelines
10/16/2000 Health Department Survey Finds One in Four L.A. County Residents Without Health Insurance
07/20/2000 County Health Department Report Identifies Health Determinants, Opportunities for Action

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