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Salmon Poisoning Disease

Caution fishermen!


RAW TROUT can make your DOG
very sick.


In the past five years, more than 15 dogs in Los Angeles County became severely ill after eating or licking parts of raw trout. Two of them died. These dogs were sick with an illness called Salmon Poisoning Disease (SPD).

What is Salmon Poisoning Disease (SPD)?
SPD makes dogs severely ill. Symptoms can include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes, physical collapse and death. Dogs need to be treated by a veterinarian.  Illness usually starts about 5-7 days after the dog eats the infected fish.

SPD is not caused by a poison, it is an infection. SPD causes no harm to fish. A parasite (called Nanophyetus) infects trout at the fish farm. Inside these parasites are bacteria (called Neorickettsia). Dogs can catch the illness very easily when they eat raw or undercooked trout. One dog caught the disease after licking the ground where water had dripped off of a trout.

Do people get Salmon Poisoning Disease?
Humans can get infected with the parasite (Nanophyetus) only if they eat raw fish, or if they do not practice good sanitation in preparing fish. When humans are infected, they experience mostly mild diarrhea. Safe and sanitary fish handling prevents this problem.

 What Should I Do?
• REMEMBER – Dogs can smell fish that have been buried to use as fertilizer! Keep dogs away from buried fish!
• Fisherman should always use excellent sanitation when cleaning and preparing fish.
• If your dog has eaten raw fish caught from a local lake and becomes ill, mention the fish to your veterinarian.

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2007 Alert about local Salmon Poisoning Disease      



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