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Rabies Map 2018

Did you know?bat

Rabid bats are found every year in Los Angeles County. In 2018, a total of 27 rabid bats were found here, with just over one third of them (10 bats) being found in the city of Santa Clarita.  A total of 19 were found outdoors at private homes, 1 was found outside of an apartment complex, 2 were found at a place of business, 1 outdoors at a school, 3 were found in a park, and 1 was found on a sidewalk.

  1. Lancaster. April. Bat found alive in the morning on a driveway, near resident's car.
  2. Castaic. May. Bat found dead on front lawn of a home.
  3. Castaic. May. Bat found alive in front of an apartment building.
  4. Los Angeles (Woodland Hills). May. Bat found crawling across a front porch.
  5. La Caņada Flintridge. June. Bat found alive outdoors at a public park.
  6. Castaic. June. Bat found alive in a backyard near the back door of a home. Two dogs may have access to bat. Their rabies vaccinations were boostered and they were quarantined and home and monitored for signs of rabies.
  7. Castaic. June. Bat found dead on a front porch.
  8. Santa Clarita (Newhall). June. Bat found alive in driveway by car, and later found clinging to side of home.
  9. Calabasas. June. Baby bat fell out of roost in side of building.
  10. Glendale. July. Bat scooped out of pool and placed on ground. It crawled into a planter, and then was safely contained .
  11. Santa Clarita (Canyon Country). July. Bat seen alive on concrete sidewalk, acting weak.
  12. Pomona. August. Bat found alive on the floor in a public restroom at a park.
  13. Santa Clarita (Valencia). August. Bat found on walking trail in a park area of a planned neighborhood.
  14. Calabasas. August. Bat found on ground, alive and hissing, in remote area on private property.
  15. Westlake Village. August. Bat found alive but unmoving on a front porch of a home.
  16. Santa Clarita (Canyon Country). August. Bat found dead on ground at edge of property of a home.
  17. Los Angeles (Chatsworth). August. Bat found on ground in remote area of a private property.
  18. Santa Clarita (Valencia). August. Bat found dead in the bushes near pool at a housing complex.
  19. Santa Clarita (Valencia). September. Bat found under a car.
  20. La Crescenta. September. Bat found outside on ground at a school when students were not present.
  21. Santa Clarita (Valencia). October. Bat found in daytime clinging to wall for a few hours, then fluttered down to ground.
  22. Agoura Hills. October. Dog seen sniffing object on ground in outdoor patio. Two people picked up bat before knowing it was a bat.
  23. Santa Clarita (Canyon Country). October. Bat found alive in swimming pool.
  24.  Santa Clarita (Saugus). October. Bat found alive in a  garage.
  25. Los Angeles (Reseda).  October.  Bat found alive in an alley behind a business.
  26. Encino. October.  Bat found alive and hissing on the sidewalk near many apartment complexes.
  27. Santa Clarita (Valencia). November. Rabid bat found dead on a front lawn.


2018 map of rabid bats in Los Angeles County

2018 map rabid bats in Santa Clarita area

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