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Rabies Map 2016

Did you know?bat

  • 38 rabid bats were found in Los Angeles County in 2016
  • 58% of them were found at private residences
  • 27% of them were found indoors - 6 in homes and 4 in businesses. (Last year only 1 rabid bat was found indoors).
  • 13 people and 14 pets were considered to be potentially exposed to them and were therefore referred for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) or quarantined.

Learn more about bats and rabies in Los Angeles County.

Learn about what to do if you find a bat in your home

Of note, in 2016 there appear to be three areas of geographic clustering of rabid bats:

  • Fourteen rabid bats were found in an area north of Downtown Los Angeles, with some being found in Glendale and Burbank (see map below right).
  • Eleven rabid bats were found in the city of Santa Clarita. For the past several years, Santa Clarita has had more rabid bats than other areas of the county (see map at right).
  • Three rabid bats were found in La Caņada Flintridge. Two of the three were found in the same block.
  1. Calabasas. January. Bat found alive outdoors
    at a school.
  2. La Caņada Flintridge. March. Bat found outdoors at a public park.
  3. Los Angeles (Downtown). April. Bat found in 23rd floor of an office building.
  4. Castaic. April. Bat found on ground outside of a garage at a home.
  5. Los Angeles (northern Griffith Park area). April. Bat found alive on ground in a park.
  6. Santa Clarita (Newhall). May. Bat flew into home through an open door and landed in kitchen sink.
  7. Los Angeles (northern Griffith Park area). May. Bat found alive on ground in a park.
  8. Santa Clarita (Newhall). June. Dog found bat in back yard, ate part of bat. Two dogs in home put under home quarantine/rabies observation.
  9. Los Angeles (northern Griffith Park area). June. Bat found alive on ground in a park.
  10. Monrovia. June. Bat found alive outside on a porch, underneath a chair.
  11. Glendale (southern end). June. Bat was hanging from a wall. It fell to the ground.
  12. Santa Clarita (Newhall area). June. Found bat crawling on garage floor at a home.
  13. Glendale (southern end). June. Bat found alive outdoors at a home.
  14. Glendale (southern end). July. Juvenile bat found on sidewalk outside of a business.
  15. Glendale (southern end). July. Bat found on ground in parking lot at an apartment building.
  16. La Caņada Flintridge. July. Bat found in driveway of a home.
  17. Los Angeles (Elyisian Valley area). July. Bat found in alley behind a business.
  18. Santa Clarita (Canyon Country). August. Bat found on street.
  19. Santa Clarita (Newhall). August. Bat found by window inside a house.
  20. Burbank. August. Bat found on the grounds of a school, not near students.
  21. Calabasas. August. Bat found on floor in room on the second story of a home in the morning.
  22. La Caņada Flintridge. August. Bat found on ground near front door of a home.
  23. Santa Clarita. August. Bat found alive outside of a business office.
  24. Glendale. August. Bat found alive on indoor basketball court.
  25. Los Angeles (Lake Balboa). August. Bat found alive inside home.
  26. Los Angeles (Encino). August. Bat brought into house by cat.
  27. Santa Clarita (Saugus). August. Bat found outside of a business early in the morning.
  28. Los Angeles (Porter Ranch). September. Bat found flying around inside a home.
  29. Glendale. September. Bat found on indoor basketball court.
  30. Stevenson Ranch. September. Bat found near hedges outside of a home.
  31. Santa Clarita (Valencia). September. Bat found on ground in front yard of a home.
  32. Santa Clarita (Valencia). September. Bat found dead in a driveway.
  33. Santa Clarita (Valencia). September. Bat hanging from eaves at a school.
  34. Santa Clarita (Saugus). October. Bat sitting alive on doormat by front door.
  35. Pasadena. October. Bat found hanging on exterior wall of a business.
  36. Los Angeles (Hollywood). October. Bat found in parking garage beneath an apartment building, near feral cats. Cats to be trapped and then observed for rabies.
  37. Los Angeles (Encino). November. Bat found on ground in back yard of a home.
  38. Castaic. December. Bat found alive hanging from a wall in daylight.

2016 Rabid bat map Los Angeles County - 38 bats

2016 Santa Clarita area - rabid bat map

2016 Downtown LA Glendale Burbank rabid bat map

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