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February 03, 2020

Public Health Announces Updated Guidance in Accordance with CDC Declaration of Public Health Emergency

Corrected on 2/3 at 1:45 p.m. to remove the word "additional."

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) continues to take steps to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. The health and wellbeing of the community remains Public Health's top priority. In LA County, as in counties across the US, the threat to the general public for contracting coronavirus remains low.

Although LA County only has one confirmed case of novel coronavirus in a traveler from Wuhan, and there are only 11 cases diagnosed across the United States, there continues to be a significant increase in the number of people infected with this virus in China (over 17,000 cases as of today), and isolated evidence that there can be transmission from an asymptomatic person. As a result of the deteriorating situation in China, the US Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency to allow local, state, and federal officials to fully coordinate responses in partnership with public health departments, emergency management teams, airports, health care professionals, and first responders. Late Friday, the White House issued a set of new directives that include the following:

In LA County, as in counties across the US, the threat to the general public for contracting novel coronavirus remains low. Public Health will be working with the state and federal government to implement the new directives to contain the virus and is taking the following actions:

Accurate information, including announcements of new cases in LA County, will always be distributed by Public Health through official channels in the form of a press release and will also be available on the Public Health website www.publichea and social media accounts @lapublichealth.

For more information about 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV), visit our website at www.publichea and the CDC website at ncov/index.html or call 2-1-1.

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