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For Providers
For You and Your Family
CAIR is a web-based, secure, and confidential system used by doctors and other health care providers to keep track of their patients' shot record. CAIR allows participating agencies and health care providers to view, update and store immunization records. If you are an immunization provider who wants to join CAIR or an individual who wants to protect your and or your family's immunization records by having them entered into CAIR, follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, contact the CAIR Help Desk at (800) 578-7889.

For Health Care Providers
It is easy to participate in CAIR and there is NO COST to enroll or use the system.  To use CAIR, you must be a healthcare provider, school, childcare facility, WIC facility, or Foster Care agency.

Participation in CAIR can save you time and money.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of CAIR.

Enroll Now! To enroll in CAIR, click here.

For You and Your Family
CAIR makes it easy to keep track of your and your family's shot records. If your immunization record (Yellow Card) is ever lost or destroyed, CAIR will keep a copy of your family's shot records safe and secure. Participation in CAIR is free, and you can obtain a copy of your Yellow Card anytime at no cost.

If you would like your record entered into CAIR, ask your doctor. Only your doctors, clinics and other agencies that use CAIR can enter records into CAIR.  If your doctor doesn't use CAIR, encourage them to join CAIR all doctors and clinics in California are welcome to use CAIR.