Retail Ice Manufacturing and Packaging

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, numerous outbreaks of illness have been traced to the use of contaminated ice. The most likely causes of ice contamination are poor handling and storage practices. These guidelines are being provided to all retail operators that manufacture and package ice in an effort to reduce bacterial contamination.

The following structural requirements must be met prior to manufacturing ice intended for retail sale:

Any food establishment observed manufacturing ice without prior approval may be immediately ordered to discontinue the operation of ice manufacturing and packaging. To verify if your facility has been approved for open food or to submit plans for approval to manufacture ice, contact the Plan Check Program at (626) 430-5560.

In addition to the above structural requirements, the following operational requirements must be maintained:

For additional information, please contact your Local Environmental Health office. For information on structural requirements please contact the Plan Check Program at (626) 430-5560.