About Wiping Rag

Wiping rag businesses are businesses that sell, launder, or sanitize rags and other cloths used in work settings like constructions sites, factories, auto repair shops, janitorial services, and more. These rags may be used for cleaning tools, wiping up spills, and other general cleaning tasks. Wiping rag businesses play an important role in the economy. It is important for all wiping rag businesses to be clean and to meet sanitation requirements that protect public health and reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

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The Environmental Health Division permits and inspects all wiping rag businesses for sanitation requirements. The requirements are in place to control the possible spread of infectious disease and to ensure adequate protections the public. Environmental Health also responds to reports of problems at wiping rag facilities and conducts routine inspections.

Environmental Health permits and inspects all wiping rag businesses in Los Angeles County, except for those located in the cities of Pasadena, Long Beach, and Vernon. Those cities each have their own health departments.

Wiping rags

cloths and rags used for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Wiping and cleaning the surfaces of machinery, machines, tools, locomotives, engines, motor cars, automobiles, cars, carriages, windows, furniture, and surfaces of articles, appliances and engines in factories, shops, steamships and steamboats.
  • Generally for cleaning in industrial employment.
  • Used by mechanics and workmen for wiping from their hands and bodies soil incidents to their employment.

Wiping Rag Business

as used in this Part 6 shall mean the business of laundering, sanitizing or selling wiping rags. (Ord. 11545 § 4 (part), 1977: Ord. 8609 Art. 5 § 402, 1964.)

Report a Problem

Workers and the public can report problems at wiping rag facilities by calling Environmental Health at (800) 777-9995 or File a Complaint Online. Public Health will not ask you about your immigration status and you can file a report without giving your name.

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