Waste Tire in Los Angeles County

About Waste Tires

Once a tire is too worn or damaged to be used on a vehicle it is considered a waste tire. Waste tires can’t be thrown away with the regular trash because they are large, do not break down easily, and contain heavy metals. Waste tires can be a threat to our health, safety, and the environment. For example, large piles of old tires can easily catch fire. For these reasons, there are state rules that determine how waste tires can be handled and stored. Anyone who is transporting more than 10 waste tires must have a hauler’s permit, for example.

Waste tires are also being recycled and reused in more ways than ever. Waste tires can be burned for fuel that is used in certain industries like manufacturing concrete. Waste tires can also be shredded and used in other ways like for paving roads. New uses for waste tires continue to be developed and may be a good way to keep waste tires out of landfills.

The Solid Waste Program inspects businesses that generate waste tires, such as tire stores and auto dealerships, to make sure that tires are properly disposed of or processed for recycling or reuse.

Environmental Health is contracted by the State of California, CalRecycle, to inspect waste tire sites throughout Los Angeles County.

Report a Problem

Problems with waste tires can be reported to CalRecycle by calling the Tire Management Program Hotline at (866) 896-0600 or emailing WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov.

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