What We Do

We are responsible for ensuring that services provided at theaters are safe, sanitary, and free from imminent health and safety hazards. The Theater Inspection Program conducts routine annual inspections and complaint investigations at theater premises that are not required to have a food facility (restaurant) Public Health Permit. This protects consumers and workers' health and safety and limits the potential for disease to spread. Inspectors in this program act under the authority of Los Angeles County Code Titles 8 and 11.

The Theater Inspection Program is managed by the District Inspection (DI) Branch. It is deployed throughout Los Angeles County by twenty-nine DSE district offices spread across all geographic areas.

All theaters within Los Angeles County are required to apply for a Theatre Public Health Permit if the facility does not fit into the food facility (restaurant) permit category.

Theater Inspections

If you would like to know about how our we inspect theaters, please visit our Theater Inspection page for more details.

If you are interested in opening a theater business in Los Angeles County, contact your local District Offices.

Los Angeles County Code Title 8, Section 8.04.460 defines a theater as follows:

  1. "Theater" means any building, room, or place where any play, motion picture, concert, opera, circus, trick or jugglery show, or gymnastic exhibition is held, given or shown, and where an admission fee is charged.
  2. For fee purposes, "theater" shall not include cafes, nightclubs, and similar establishments which have a valid restaurant public health permit and where the seats for the audience are counted in computing the restaurant public health permit fee.
  3. A "theater" may, however, have a snack bar or a refreshment stand without being classified as a restaurant if no food items are prepared on the premises.

Report a Problem

Complaints about a theater can be filed by calling the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) at (888) 700-9995 or Filing a Complaint Online. DPH will not ask about your immigration status, and you can file complaints anonymously.

You can report to Public Health if theaters do not:

Contact Us

Contact your local District Inspection Branch (DI) office for more information. A list of District offices, addresses, and contact information can be found on our District Offices page. Call us at (888)700-9995 to find out more.