About Self-service Laundries

Los Angeles County Code Title 8, Section 8.04.280 defines a "Laundry" as any building, room, or place, or portion thereof, used for the washing, ironing, or drying of clothing, linen, towels, uniforms and other similar articles for money or other consideration. Also, "laundry" includes any establishment, except apartment houses, hotels, tourist courts, motels, or mobile home parks, in which six or more customer-operated laundry machines are installed and permitted to be used for a fee.

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We ensure that services provided at self-service laundry establishments are safe, sanitary, and free from imminent health and safety hazards. Inspectors conduct routine inspections once a year and respond to complaints regarding these establishments. Inspectors act under the authority of Los Angeles County Code Titles 8 and 11. When health and safety codes are followed it prevents the spread of disease and helps keep employees and the community safe. Also, when laundromats properly dispose of Wastewater it helps to protect the environment.

The Self-service Laundry Inspection Program is managed by the District Inspection (DI) Branch. It is deployed throughout Los Angeles County by twenty-nine DSE district offices spread across all geographic areas.

All self-service laundry facilities within Los Angeles County are required to apply for a Public Health Permit regardless of locality.

Sanitation and Licensing Requirements

Health and safety inspections at self-service laundry facilities ensure that operations comply with Los Angeles County Code Titles 8 and 11. The requirements under these codes protect the health and safety of workers and limit the potential for infectious disease to spread.

During routine inspections, we check for the following:

  • Vermin infestations (violations must be corrected at once)
  • Rodent proofing
  • Waste water discharges (violations must be corrected immediately)
  • Sanitation
  • Toilets and hand sinks available and clean (violations must be corrected immediately)
  • Signs/permit requirements

Report a Problem

Complaints about self-service laundries can be made by calling the Environmental Health Call Center at (888) 700-9995 or File a Complaint Online. Environmental Health will not ask about your immigration status, and you can file complaints anonymously.

You can report to Environmental Health if the self-service laundry facility does not:

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