About Housing

Housing refers to the condition of a person's home. This includes the physical and social environments surrounding the home such as air quality, home safety, and the presence of mold, asbestos, or lead. If someone's home is in bad condition, it can negatively impact a person's health and result in chronic disease and injury and poor mental health. It is important for homeowners and property owners to maintain houses and apartment buildings to ensure a healthy and safe living space. Select the following options to see if you have these problems in your home.

What We Do

The Environmental Health Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is responsible for ensuring that residential housing is safe, sanitary, and fit for human habitation. This is accomplished through Routine Inspections of rental property with 5 and/or more units, and investigations of complaints involving any housing sites.

Areas We Serve

The Environmental Health Division has enforcement authority for all unincorporated areas of the county and in all cities except for Long Beach, Pasadena, or Vernon.