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Environmental Health


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County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Environmental Health
5050 Commerce Drive
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(888) 700-9995




  • Perform the taxonomic identification of arthropods suspected of transmitting the etiologic agents of disease
  • Provide consultation to medical facilities, the pest control industry, the general public, the media, and departmental personnel on biological and entomological problems such as pest identification, preventive measures, control strategies, and integrated pest management
  • Prepare literature and design training sessions for community outreach programs which allow the public to successfully recognize vectors of public health significance and the means of abating those conditions which enhance their continued presence
  • Provide maximum supportive expertise to Environmental Health staff through training, consultations, seminars and workshops, joint inspections, literature, or investigation toward resolving vector related problems
  • Design and coordinate contract studies and monitor activities for County and city agencies regarding various landfill projects to prevent breeding of disease vectors
  • Serve as the Department's expert witness in biological/entomological concerns
  • Coordinate the State Vector Control Technician Certification Training and Continuing Education Program for Environmental Health staff

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