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CHDP Bulletin Board
Workplace Active Shooter Safety Guide

Workplace active shooter violence can occur at any time. It is important to prepare yourself and your staff for this type of emergency.

These safety tips are from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. For more information, visit Emergency Preparedness Building Safety Guide - brochure_20151203114858_320614.

If an active shooter is INSIDE your building:
  • Remain calm
  • GET OUT / ESCAPE -- if possible, and use the safest route to quickly exit the building
  • COVER / CONCEALMENT -- if you cannot exit safely:
    • find a safe room and barricade doors
    • shut off lights
    • get out of sight
    • keep quiet and silence cell phones
  • Call 911 as soon as it is safe.
  • DO NOT open the door until law enforcement advises you to do so
  • DEFEND YOURSELF as a last resort, if your life is in immediate danger

If an active shooter is OUTSIDE your building:
  • Remain calm
  • Close and lock doors; if doors cannot be locked, barricade the door
  • Shut off lights
  • Get out of sight
  • Keep as quiet as possible and silence cell phones
  • One person in the room should call 911 and advise the dispatcher what is taking place
  • DO NOT open the door until law enforcement advises you to do so

When Law Enforcement Arrives:
  • Put down any items in your hands
  • Immediately raise hands and spread fingers
  • Keep hands visible at all times
  • Avoid making any quick movement toward officers

If you become aware of a hostage situation:
  • Immediately remove yourself from any danger
  • Call 911 and provide the following:
    • Your name, location and phone number
    • Number of possible hostage takers and description
    • Weapons used
    • Any injuries

When Law Enforcement Arrives:
  • In a rescue situation, DO NOT RUN. Drop to the floor, and remain still

  • Remain calm and take the caller seriously
  • If you can, record the phone number on caller ID
  • While on the phone, have a co­worker call 911
  • Keep the caller on the phone as long as possible

Workplace Active Shooter On-line Training

Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program
Free Health Check up picture

Free Health Check-ups for Eligible Children

CHDP Program provides FREE health check-ups to 
- Help children and teens stay healthy
- Find health problems before they become painful and expensive 

girl swimming Who Is Eligible?

- Low Income Families - Birth to 19 Years. 
  No documentation required!
- Medi-cal Participants up to 21 years 
  If your child has Medi-Cal, ask your doctor or health plan for CHDP check-ups

family picture How Do I Find A CHDP Provider? 

- Call 1-800-993-2437 for the names of CHDP Health Care Providers
   and Dental Providers
- Try the online provider search. 
- Try the online dental provider search. 

CHDP logo

For More Information, Please Click Here to visit our State Web Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Toll Free #:         1-800-993-2437
Fax Number: (626)-569-9350
Address: 9320 Telstar Ave., Suite #226
El Monte, CA 91731

Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC)
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