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Office of AIDS Programs and Policy


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Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Division of HIV and STD Programs
600 S. Commonwealth Avenue, 10th Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M - F
Phone: (213) 351-8000
Fax: (213) 738-0825


Grievance Procedures

Do you have a concern about the HIV care or services you are receiving at a particular agency or facility?  We want to know about it.  There are several ways you can file a complaint.  You can call; or you can fax, email or mail this form.


  • By Phone: (800) 260-8787
  • Grievance Form
  • By Fax: (213) 381-8073
  • By Email:
  • By Mail:  Attention: QM Grievance Coordinator
                        600 South Commonwealth Avenue, 10th Floor
                        Los Angeles, California 90005

    What is a grievance?

    A grievance is a written or verbal statement made by any client, third party representative, provider of service, or member of the general public regarding any concern or problem in accessing or receiving program services, quality of care and services, logistics, materials, or any other aspect related to the client's well being. 

    Will I be denied services if I file a grievance?

    It is illegal to discriminate against any person filing a grievance.  No person filing or involved in a grievance process will be denied services.  All information provided in a grievance is confidential.

    Can I call anonymously?

    Grievances can be submitted to OAPP anonymously.  If you choose to provide contact information, we can tell you how we addressed your concerns or call you if we need more information.  We never give personal information to a third party.

  • What happens after I call?

    We address the problem and share your concerns with the agency involved.  As noted above, we never give personal information to a third party, even if you have provided your information to us.

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