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Benefits of CAIR
Your Rights
Frequently Asked Questions
CAIR benefits families, health care providers, schools, health departments and other agencies that help protect our community from disease.

What are the benefits of CAIR?
  • CAIR keeps track of all shots, so you/your child doesn't miss any or get more than are needed
  • CAIR helps you get a copy of your/your child's shot record if you lose or misplace it
  • CAIR can show proof of shots needed to start child care, school or a new job
  • CAIR helps your doctor send reminder postcards when you/your child needs shots

How much does it cost?
CAIR is free. There is no charge to have your/your child's record entered into CAIR.

Is CAIR safe?
Yes, CAIR is safe and secure. Only health care providers and other approved agencies, such as schools, are allowed to see the information.

Do I have to participate in CAIR if my provider asks?
Under the law, your doctor can enter your record in CAIR. You do have the right to refuse to allow your record in CAIR to be shared with other providers or agencies. In this case, only your doctor's office will be able to see your/your child's record in CAIR.

What are my rights?
You have the right to:
  • Choose if you want your/your child's shot records shared through CAIR
  • Look at your/your child's shot record in CAIR and report any mistakes
  • Find out what doctors' offices and agencies have looked at your/your child's record in CAIR

Who can see my information in CAIR?
Your information in CAIR can only be shared with providers and agencies allowed by California law and approved by the CAIR office. Approved doctors, clinics, hospitals, schools, day cares, WIC, and health departments use CAIR.

What information can be seen in CAIR?
The patient's name, birth date, shot record, parent or guardian's name, address, and phone number are put in CAIR. Only health care providers can see your address and phone number.

How can the shot information be used?
The information can be used only for immunization purposes: to see if you/your child has all the shots that are needed, to give shots at the right time, and to let you know when you/your child needs a shot. The information may not be used for any other reason.

How can I have my record entered into CAIR?
If you would like your record entered into CAIR, ask your doctor. Only your doctors, clinics and other agencies that use CAIR can enter records into CAIR.  If your doctor doesn't use CAIR, encourage them to join CAIR all doctors and clinics in California are welcome to use CAIR.

Additional Information for Parents
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